English Practice & Revision: How to Write Great Essays
by Geascian Tuition

Price £4.99.

A short guide to writing great essays, focusing on improving critical thinking, structuring arguments and expressing oneself with confidence and clarity.

Realise the importance of being able to write clear, coherent and concise essays to pass your exams, achieve academic success and unlock the power of your words.

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Fred Rowntree: Architect
by Peter Robson

Price £18.00..

Fred Rowntree was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, in 1860, attended Bootham School and was articled to C A Bury, a local architect. After working as an assistant to Edward Burgess of Leicester he formed a partnership with Charles Edeson of Scarborough. In 1890 he joined Glasgow architect Malcolm Stark, working with him for ten years before moving to London.

His early work was typical of its age, ranging from neo-Gothic to neo-classical and Victorian domestic, but from the mid-nineties, with the creation of Trinity Church, Bridge of Allan, his style became more and more influenced by the Arts and Crafts movement.

The book comprises a short biography of Rowntree followed by historical descriptions of his known buildings. There are 350 illustrations.

A4 size (297 x 210 mm). 112 pages. Laminated card cover.

ISBN 978-1-872686-37-0

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Car Registration Guide
by Peter Robson

Price £4.95.

A handy pocket guide to the registration marks seen currently on UK roads, featuring

* Places and dates of origin of current-style marks issued from September 2001 onwards;

* A brief history of old-style marks from 1903 to 2001, with dates of suffix and prefix issues and a complete list of places of origin of index marks both before and after the 1974 centralisation;

* Trade plates and Q plates;

* Northern Ireland, offshore islands and Irish Republic marks;

* Diplomatic and military series;

* Civic and official marks used by mayors, provosts, etc, with a list of known examples;

* Cherished marks: how to identify them and how to obtain them;

* European countries with illustrations of their plates;

* International codes displayed on foreign number plates;

* The work of the DVLA;

* Recommended societies and books

Also including eight spotters' pages for readers' own observations. With three maps and over one hundred and forty photographs.

A6 size (148 x 105 mm). 80 pages. Laminated card cover.

ISBN 978-1-872686-38-7.

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A History of Motor Vehicle Registration in the United Kingdom
by L H Newall. Third edition with revisions edited by John Harrison

Price £16.95.

Les Newall's 'standard work' on vehicle registration has been out of print for several years. First published privately by the author in 1999 and reprinted in 2001, the book is now available to a wider readership.

Les spent a lifetime researching the history of the UK registration system and this book is the product of his research. He tells the story of the development of registration marks from their introduction in 1903 and gives detailed information about 'ordinary' marks, trade plates, diplomatic marks, military registrations and the unique British cherished number system.

A large part of the book is taken up with a council-by-council survey which includes dates of issue of all known pre-1963 two-letter and three-letter registration marks. For those owners and enthusiasts wishing to find out more about the origins of particular marks, this book is invaluable.

In addition to the occasional illustrations in Les's original text, this new edition includes eight pages of photographs depicting over fifty vehicles bearing the various types of registration mark described in the text. It also features an index and a new chapter explaining how the current registration system introduced in 2001 has actually worked out in practice.

A5 size (210 x 148 mm). vi + 320 pages. Laminated card cover.

ISBN 978-1-872686-32-5.

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Dalby: Valley of Change
by John Rushton and Brian Walker

Price £7.95.

In a deep Yorkshire valley, four miles north-east of the old market town of Pickering, a tiny village called Low Dalby nestles between pasture and forest.

John Rushton traces the history of Dalby from prehistoric times to the twentieth century. He describes the life of the valley under the Normans and Plantagenets when Dalby and surrounding areas were part of a royal forest, and explains the changes over subsequent years to mixed farming and finally back to forestry.

Originally published in 1976 as a guide for teachers, "Dalby: Valley of Change" has been out of print and unobtainable for many years. This revised edition with new illustrations includes an additional chapter by Brian Walker on the present-day life of the valley and its hopes for the future. A5 size (210 x 148 mm). 160 pages. Card covers.

ISBN 978-1-872686-34-9.

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The Number Plate Book
by John Harrison

Price £7.95

The British registration system was introduced under the Motor Car Act 1903. John Harrison, an acknowledged expert on the subject, has written about the system’s history and the different sorts of number plates such as personal plates, trade plates and diplomatic ones issued.

Also included is a chapter advising those who want their own personal plate how best to obtain one.

ISBN 978-0-9004775

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