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Maths for Practice & Revision (cont)

Book 4

24-hour clock; time problems; set notation and Venn diagrams; distance, speed and time; bases other than 10; angles, parallel lines; polygons.

Suitable for students aged 9 and over.

A5 size (210 x 148 mm). 72 pages. Laminated purple card covers.

ISBN 978-1-872686-02-8. Price 3.95

Book 5

Pythagoras' theorem; simultaneous equations; matrices; vectors; multiplication of two brackets; quadratic equations; probability; average (mean, mode, median and range); trigonometry; circles; solid figures. Includes square roots tables and sine, cosine and tangent table.

Suitable for students aged 11 and over.

A5 size (210 x 148 mm). 72 pages. Laminated orange card covers.

ISBN 978-1-872686-00-4. Price 3.95

Complete Answers

The answers to all the questions in Maths for Practice & Revision Books 1 to 5.

A5 size (210 x 148 mm). 116 pages. Salmon card covers.

ISBN 978-1-872686-17-2. Price 3.95